At the moment of your conception, there was a purpose for you that had been determined before that miraculous event had even occurred. You were made to be something much bigger than any job, relationship or accomplishment you could ever obtain or fulfill.

Just because we are destined to be something bigger than what we see and know doesn’t mean that it always happens. So many times, people along the way become distracted, lost and consumed with the darkness of this world. We were all created and made from the light; however, there are times when we are not existing within our home.

The absence of the light creates issues for all for those who attempt to exist without it. Whenever you do not live in the light, it alters your emotional and spiritual states of consciousness. When your state is altered, you will subconsciously reach for inauthentic fillers that leave you in a continual state of misery, pain and depression.

Addictive behaviors will often times exist as a result of these choices and actions. Sexual promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse will become normal responses of this state. Addictive behaviors exist not because the person is addicted to the act or the substance, but rather because they become addicted to the temporary bliss or numbness the substance or action provides.

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